Our Rating Experts offer a comprehensive service, tailored to our utility,  infrastructure and commercial clients and take pride in their continued success in reducing business rates liability across both projects and portfolios.

Our rating team has advised a wide range of businesses on rates on over 35,000 properties ranging from individual properties to large portfolios saving millions of pounds of rates liability. In addition to providing advice on retail, offices and industrial premises we have advised on many specialist properties from pubs, schools, golf clubs, food courts through to telecom masts, fibre networks and other infrastructure assets

Summary of Services
  • Challenging your business rates valuation (Check, Challenge & Appeal)
  • Managing your rates liability
  • Comprehensive reporting and budget support
  • Maximising rates relief and exemptions
  • Historic audit of your rates charges and recovery of overpaid rates
  • Reducing empty rates costs
  • Strategic rates advice

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