Land referencing is the starting point for virtually all of our utility and infrastructure projects. Our dedicated team use our bespoke CONNECT system to provide a seamless process with accurate data, regardless of the scale of the project.  

We understand the importance of 100% accuracy when land referencing; a process that informs subsequent keys stages in any project, including the serving of legal notices, consultations and applications for Development Consent or Compulsory Purchase.

Land referencing consists of much more than land registration; we undertake due diligence on all potential land interests, from lenders to land charges and other assumed rights. Our dedicated team has the knowledge and experience to undertake thorough and efficient searches as well as the subsequent analysis required to deliver the necessary accuracy.

Our bespoke system, CONNECT, facilitates a systematic, transparent and efficient land referencing process and automates the production of progress reports and land referencing outputs including land interest questionnaires, mail merges and books of reference.

Summary of Services
  • Strategic advice
  • Data Procurement and Processing
  • Data management
  • Property searches
  • Highway & Utility Searches
  • Data validation & Due Diligence
  • Notice & Plan preparation
  • Site noticing
  • Consultee lists
  • Books of Reference & Order Schedules
  • Data auditing

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