This week the Prime Minister has announced an ambitious target to power all UK homes through windpower by 2030, stipulating a national target to generate 40GW of energy (increased from 30GW). Dalcour Maclaren’s experts have already enabled the provision of over 18GW of wind energy – half the national target- through completed and ongoing projects and have the experience, resource and appetite to work with new and existing clients to deliver the rest.

With our established expert teams as well as two new offices opening in Wetherby and Scotch Corner, we are perfectly placed to get stuck in with supporting clients to meet these ambitious targets. In particular our North East presence means Dalcour Maclaren is exceptionally well positioned to contribute towards projects across Teesside and Humberside. Using our experience in Land Assembly, CPO, DCO, Geomatics and Environment and Planning we look forward to delivering national targets using wind, nuclear, CCS and hydrogen as the UK gathers pace in the race to net zero power supply.

Dalcour Maclaren is built around taking on challenges just like these- we are equipped with the teams and the expertise to tackle them head on to deliver a sustainable future.

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