We are extremely proud to have been part of the Newark Waste and Water Improvement project with Severn Trent Water, which has been nominated for an ICE People’s Choice Award 2019.

The project has invested £60m to upgrades on the sewage systems and water supply throughout Newark-on-Trent, which includes the construction of new segmental tunnels, water mains renewals, open cut sewers and 10km of new water mains across the town.

As a result, Severn Trent have alleviated the flood risk to 400 existing properties across the town and upgraded the water systems to cater for 750 new homes in preparation for the strategic residential development of the town, as well as ensuring the integrity of their existing apparatus which serves the existing properties.

The project has already been commended for the way in which it has handled stakeholder engagement, and how it has worked to minimise disturbance to landowners.

These ICE awards recognise infrastructure projects which have made a difference to people’s everyday lives either through the construction of new assets or the restoration and maintenance of existing ones to ensure public safety and the life span of utilities.

Voting for the award is now open, click here to find out more about the project and cast your vote!