As Dalcour Maclaren celebrates their 15th Anniversary this month, Director Andrew Barker reflects on his time at DM and what we, as a company, have achieved.

If I were gazing into the crystal ball when I joined the three-man Dalcour Maclaren team in 2004, what would I have envisaged? We were focussed on acting exclusively for the utility and infrastructure sector, yet we could count our clients on one hand. Although, between us, we had extensive experience in acting for utility companies, were we brave or stupid to dedicate ourselves to acting on one side of the fence only?

It’s July 2018 and we have just celebrated our 15th anniversary. If time flies when you’re having fun, we must be having one hell of a time! I’ve read through the feedback on our company training day and party and I am reassured as to why we have retained our position two years running in the Sunday Times 100 Best Small Companies to Work For. We have set ourselves apart from the rest. We have developed an ethos within the company which engenders an awful lot of fun but also hard work to match. We see the best in everything and look for opportunities. And it’s all off the back of recruiting fabulous, light hearted but dedicated and skilled people. So why not reward them with a summer festival with live music, craft ales, games, face painting, BBQ’s, and all that goes with the celebration that is deserved?

But I’m probably kidding myself if I think it is just the social scene that helps us attract the best talent!

We can now boast that we are one of the biggest firms in the UK that dedicates themselves to the Utility and Infrastructure Sectors only. We have expanded from 3 employees to 150 employees across 7 offices in 15 years. Our coverage stretches throughout England, Wales and Northern Ireland. We employ specialists in land rights, agriculture, compensation, compulsory acquisition, dispute resolution, property management, acquisitions and sales, planning and development, geomatics, land referencing, telecoms, rating and valuations. We have long since developed from rural surveyors progressing linear projects. We also now offer commercial surveyors, planners, RICS Registered Valuers, Chartered Geographers, GPS surveyors, telecoms surveyors, rating specialists, compulsory acquisition specialists – the full complement to ensure we are a one stop shop for our clients on all property matters.

And so when I look back over my DM career, was my initial crystal ball gazing close? Nowhere near. Although I perhaps underestimated our growth, I knew we had potential because of the energy and passion we each had. An inner confidence grows strongly when, as a team, you realise that success comes from self-belief, dedication, a happy team and hard work. But we’re not finished yet. We learn lessons, we continue to invest, and we have a huge appetite to develop with our clients to truly advance the industry.

If you like the sound of what we have managed to achieve, then you will also love our aspirations. Let us know if you want to jump on board!