Bespoke Helpdesk Services

  • Dalcour Maclaren’s Helpdesk provides our clients’ operational teams with immediate access to professional advice 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.
  • COVID-19 has highlighted the benefits of our Helpdesk Services, which are critical in gaining emergency access to land to ensure your assets remain fully operational.
  • Streamlined and efficient processes, refined over 12 years of experience.


years of experience


access to advice


enquires dealt with per year


of cases resolved within 4hrs


of cases are closed within 24hrs

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How can the Helpdesk

benefit your Business?

  • Communicate COVID-19 protocol updates to customers and stakeholders 
  • Manage access to land in line with COVID-19 and NHS guidelines
  • Ensure compliance with Codes of Practice and statutory legislation
  • Reduce claim & reinstatement costs through proactive stakeholder management
  • Help your teams to reduce leakage and pollution
  • Provide upskilling and education to your teams
  • Reduce customer complaints

What can the Helpdesk do?

Our Helpdesk is bespoke to each client’s particular requirements. Helpdesk Services are often most beneficial to Operational teams who are on site dealing with business critical operational and emergency issues where speed of response is essential. Yearly we handle over 2000 enquiries covering the following:

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your bespoke requirements:
  • Customer liaisons
  • Planning
  • Access to private land
  • Emergency access
  • Compensation claims
  • Reinstatement issues
  • Ownership queries
  • Catchment management
  • Agricultural queries
  • Topographical surveys
  • SSSI assent 
  • Damage to private land
  • Liaison with legal and property services
  • Environmental impact assessment
  • GPS surveys 
  • Ecology and archaeology

How does the Helpdesk work?

  • A client-specific telephone number is provided, giving your staff access to an experienced call handler.
  • In addition, your staff will be provided with a dedicated email address through which enquires can be submitted, and updates will be provided.
  • We agree to service-level agreements with you to ensure that we comply with your business objectives.
  • We use live HM Land Registry data to ensure landownership details are accurate and to provide any missing information.
  • We act as a point of contact for landowners and occupiers, in line with COVID-19 regulations, prior to access being taken. This will be done remotely to avoid any non-essential access being taken on-site.
  • We can utilise experienced Utilities and Infrastructure professionals from our surveying, archaeology, planning and ecology
    teams who can mobilise to site when required.
  • All enquiries are tracked and recorded, and management information such as type and volume of enquiries, total time spent and trends are reported back monthly.

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or see how our existing Helpdesks work: