Dalcour Maclaren’s Nicola Page and Pippa Maidment provide a brief summary of this week’s publication of the National Infrastructure Strategy.

In short, the strategy highlights an ever-growing, long term infrastructure need in the UK, -particularly in transport – to ‘level up’ the country and support the target of net-zero emissions by 2050.

It is expected we will see a number of government drivers to:


– Invest in small- and large-scale projects in both rural and urban areas to boost growth
– Increase the support for private companies to deliver projects across the country
– Focus on improving infrastructure outside of London
– Reform systems including planning, procurement and technology to ensure the UK are at the forefront of any arising changes
– Reach the target of net-zero emissions by 2050

A few of the facts from the strategy:


– Over £27 billion investment in strategic road projects
– £4million assigned to the levelling up fund- supporting local investment and regeneration projects
– £5million broadband support and a rural shared network to ensure 95% of the UK have 4G coverage
– An Integrated Rail Plan to deliver improvements to the Midlands and North, with backing for HS2 to connect the North-South
– By 2027, investing £5.2 billion to better protect properties and communities at risk of flooding and coastal erosion
– £1 billion to support the establishment of carbon capture and storage as well as investments in hydrogen
– To encourage nationwide movement towards electric vehicles by investing £1.3 billion in charging infrastructure by 2030

What this means for DM:

– Our four sectors; Transport & Infrastructure, Power, Telecoms and Water are perfectly placed to assist our ever-growing portfolio of clients with delivery of the strategy. We are already providing services to road and rail schemes including HS2, renewables, airport expansions, carbon capture, nuclear and EV charging stations – to name just a few.

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