The Queen’s speech outlined the Planning Bill which would bring together the white paper, Planning for the Future (released in August 2020).

Delivery of housing and ensuring that local plan formulation is no longer plagued by indeterminate delays remain at the forefront of the bill. Proposals include zonal growth areas by categorising types of land, utilising design guides and continuing to increase the emphasis on high quality design. A simpler planning system would help to provide delivery of housing.

Our hope is that these aspirations align with the resource needs of this country to ensure that homes are delivered in a sustainable way and that resources and technology can match the rate of delivery in an appropriate manner. Therefore, we hope to see appropriate policies which intertwine to provide a “cleaner and greener UK”. In this way, our clients can continue to provide uninterrupted services whilst being able to focus on the latest technologies and addressing the imbalances in the environment.

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