Dalcour Maclaren was instructed to assist with the consenting aspect of a network reinforcement project between Thatcham and Ashford Hill in Berkshire.

As the demand on the network has been forecasted to exceed the capacity in the next few years, it has become necessary to reinforce the electricity network, not only to ensure a good connection in the area but also to reduce the risk of power cuts if and when maintenance works are required on the lines in the future.

To do this, two new 132kV circuits, across a 5.8 km route are being installed to support the connection between substations.

Our involvement with the scheme

The scheme will follow a Compulsory Purchase Order (CPO) and Dalcour Maclaren has been involved with route refinement, the collation of information, landowner correspondence, and production of documentation to aid the solicitors in making the order.

Our Geomatics team played a pivotal role in the project undertaking all referencing to identify affected stakeholders. In addition, we prepared the CPO plans and utilised our internal systems to clearly show key areas to be avoided during route optioneering. This was critical in advising the client on risks associated with land types, ownership and designations across their preferred route. The agreed route crosses a mixture of agricultural, commercial and industrial land, and a railway.

Once the route was agreed our Land Referencing team issued initial correspondence to all interests so that negotiations could begin. Our surveyors met with all stakeholders and have negotiated the appropriate legal agreements to accompany the CPO. 70% of the agreements have been completed prior to the CPO being submitted, and we expect the remaining 30% to complete within 2 weeks of the order being submitted.

What’s next?

The order is due to be submitted imminently, for which Dalcour Maclaren have completed the Book of Reference and CPO plans, led by the Geomatics and Land Referencing teams. Our surveyors have also worked alongside the client’s solicitors to develop the Statement of Reasons for the order.

In terms of the construction itself, we are also busy co-ordinating Flood Risk Activity Permits for river crossings and Watercourse Consents (for watercourses other than main rivers), Hedgerow Removal notices and arranging access for Environmental Surveys for enabling works.

Already we have come together as one team, with input from our Surveyors, Geomatics and Environment and Planning teams, which is set to continue as the project progresses, and we will continue to add value using our tried and tested processes associated with CPO for Power clients.





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