Sheringham Shoal Offshore Wind Farm Extension Project and Dudgeon Offshore Wind Farm Extension Project

On behalf of the partnership companies, Scira Extension Limited and Dudgeon Extension Limited, Equinor New Energy Limited (“ENEL”) is progressing with their proposals to extend the existing Sheringham Shoal and Dudgeon Offshore Wind Farms, located off the North Norfolk coast.

ENEL wish to ensure that they have correctly identified all the interests associated with land that is within the vicinity of the projects so that, if necessary, they may be included in any future consultation. This includes freeholders, leaseholders, tenants, occupiers and third parties who may have rights over the property.

As part of the above, ENEL will be maintaining site notices for all parcels of land where they have so far been unable to identify ownership. Given the current COVID-19 guidance to stay at home, ENEL recognise that the site notices might not be seen by as many people. ENEL have therefore made these parcels of land visible to view online at the following website:

If you believe you hold an interest in any of the parcels of land identified on the website, please complete the short questionnaire available by clicking on the parcel of land you have identified. Alternatively, please contact ENEL’s land agents, Dalcour Maclaren at [email protected]

You will also find information relating to the project and consultation at the following website: