Ed Higson is an Associate Director at DM, leading multiple CPO and DCO projects. He shares his thoughts on what makes DM such a key component for major infrastructure projects.

Why is Dalcour Maclaren leading the way on major Utility and Infrastructure projects in the UK?

Having seen first-hand how different organisations deal with major projects, what makes DM different is really putting the project and client requirements first. We prioritise:

  • Clear strategy from the outset
  • Great understanding of the client’s needs
  • Proactive engagement with the right people
  • An approach that is adaptable to specific requirements 
  • Embracing the opportunities which challenges bring
  • Willingness to give proactive advice
How does Dalcour Maclaren manage to deliver the number of significant schemes that they do?

What we’re doing

We have seen success and growth across the whole business. Still, one area where we are really leading the industry is on major projects, which has seen us instructed on some of the UK’s most significant and challenging projects across Offshore Windfarms, Rail Projects, Roads, Airports, Pipelines and Hydrogen.

Expert Advisors

We have made several strategic hires over recent years and undertake first-rate mentoring and training of our team of experts. Our people come first, and their skills enable us to deliver the projects day in day out. 

We are constantly looking to the future too; we have an excellent pool of professionals with a vast amount of experience ready for their next challenge, as well as training up our early-career professionals for future projects. 

Connecting People with People

At the heart of our business is our people, and that really stands us apart from the crowd. Our people are passionate about providing exceptional service and delivering clients results.

What makes DM the one-stop-shop to deliver your project?

Whether you are a client or a colleague, we will work in partnership as one team to deliver results, and this will include inputs from our Surveyors, Geomatics and Environment and Planning teams. These relationships will continue to grow and develop throughout the project. We aim to add value and reduce risk up to project completion and even beyond where we end up managing the asset!

What lies ahead for Major Infrastructure Projects?

Hydrogen and Carbon Capture are the next significant innovations that we are seeing new and existing clients explore. For us, this is their innovation, and we need to support them in the land strategy and land assembly for these pioneering projects. When working on pioneering projects, the key for us is ensuring that adequate flexibility is available for the client to deliver their project.

As we see our clients innovate with cutting edge engineering processes, we also like to innovate. We aren’t developing electrolysers, but we will make sure we deliver your project on time and as efficiently as possible. 

Green Hydrogen is a really exciting prospect, and it is great to support Ørsted on their Gigastack project in North Killingholme. We are currently advising them on several elements of land-related matters, including undertaking a constraints appraisal of a number of candidate sites and associated infrastructure routes/corridors. The appraisal looks at land, planning and environmental constraints and will provide Orsted with a preferred site to take to the next stage of development. In addition, we have provided well thought out recommendations and strategic advice, which will ensure the smooth progression of this project in accordance with their timescales. 

Why You Need Us

We are committed to keeping our finger on the pulse across the sector, preparing for the future and adapting our expertise to help clients meet their targets. DM is the only consultant to provide fully comprehensive advice from project inception to delivery, something our clients cannot do without.

To find out what DM can do for your project, get in touch!

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Ed Higson

Associate Director