Throughout February and March, DM were voting in the Big Charity Wax-off to make sure their Director of choice ended up under the strips for a worthy cause!

The results waivered every day, and in the end, it was a very close call. Still, on 1st April, we had the pleasure of watching Harry Stubbs, Andrew Barker, Jonny Speers, Mike Lee, and Sam Catling go through the pretty painful experience of waxing themselves and broadcasting it on Teams, for the rest of the company to see (a Covid-secure alternative to the DM salon that we’ve previously set up!)

All great sports, we now look forward to some dodgy re-growth pictures, in particular, the ‘DM’ that Jonny managed to imprint on his chest. And we raised a whopping £1,338.00 – which was so brilliant we might have to do it again! Watch out!

Dalcour Maclaren is fundraising for Mind