As the press have just reported, the economy bounced back during July and September and yes, of course, the press are reporting that we still need to remain gloomy due to the second lockdown as there is never good news without bad news in their world! However, in my positive outlook on life, this news about the economy is great. I believe this second lockdown will not be as bad as the first as, in true British spirit, we have adjusted our worlds to find a way through lockdown.

At Dalcour Maclaren, we are continuing to grow and are always looking for great people to join our team. I have interviewed a number of people over the last few months who have told me of their woes with their current employers, and the frustrations that they have. We have made offers to some of these people, and I am delighted to say they will be joining Dalcour Maclaren over the next few months. However, some others who have received offers dither. It amazes me why really good employees feel loyalty to a company that, by their own admission, has treated them badly.

My message to anyone looking for a new job because they are frustrated where they are is to be brave and take that leap. You will not regret it as it will offer you opportunities and the ability to be part of a new adventure that makes you feel valued for what you bring to the business.

I would be really interested to hear of other firms’ experiences, as well as from people who are reluctant to leave companies where they have not been treated well.

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James Neil