Dalcour Maclaren is committed to looking at the positives in uncertain times, and we remain optimistic about our future, but it cannot go un-noted that it has affected the way we work.

It does not escape anyone’s attention that 2020 will be looked back on as a year that had challenges and opportunities in bucket loads. Dalcour Maclaren started the year, on the back of a strong 2019 regarding commercial growth and recruiting an additional 100 employees along the way, 2020 promised to offer much of the same. Amongst the success, the Exec Team are looking ahead, beyond the 3-year plan to what a stronger progressive organisation will look like. That’s good news for everyone involved.

COVID-19 cannot go unmentioned as the number one headline-grabbing news item but it is the response of Dalcour Maclaren that is interesting, in realising its ambitions of being recognised as an employer of choice.

In the time during lockdown, the entire workforce has been fully engaged and not a single employee has been furloughed. Its ambitious graduate recruitment scheme is on track, recruiting 50% more graduates than the year before with the majority starting in September this year.

A record number of responses to tender are being completed and whilst the nature of work has changed, probably forever, the dynamics of the teams are as strong as ever. It is not too big a boast to say that the business is thriving.

Looking to the future, DM has not lost a single minute in establishing the people management tools and infrastructure that will enable it to support future growth. The investment in its people managers to equip them to lead strong, high performing teams is much anticipated and will commence later this year. Not only is this a promised kept, to develop and support continued career development, but it’s also the strongest signal yet that Dalcour Maclaren relies on its people as the key to its success.

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Melanie Osborne

Head of People