I have seen an awful lot of articles on LinkedIn recently with thumbs up if you want to work from home, thumbs down if you want to work from the office or heart if you want a happy medium. So how are Dalcour Maclaren considering the future of their offices?

Getting people together for us as a company is critical. One of our key values is One Team, and this radiates throughout the whole business. We see our offices as a critical success factor in achieving our values. However, we see our offices radically changing over the next twelve months.

We have a team of over 300 people who are at a variety of different ages and stages of their careers. Our offices need to cater for everybody. We are committed to providing high-quality office space where our team members actually want to be. No longer will it be an office crammed with “battery chicken” style desks, but it will be a meeting/collaboration space. People won’t have their own desks, but instead, there will be zones throughout offices so that you have noisy, full-on, collaboration areas – as well as quiet focus spaces.

As our company continues to expand, we are expanding our network of offices, and we see there being a real mix of people working from home as well as coming into the office. We are investing in making sure that the environment is so attractive that people actually want to be there.

Some companies have looked at the COVID-19 situation as an opportunity to slim down their office costs by closing offices and pushing people to work from home. At Dalcour Maclaren, of course, we are mindful of costs. However, not only do we see the office investment as a vital part of our company being able to live our values, but also to deliver the best service we can to our clients.

We have some exciting announcements to make over the next few months, so watch this space for the Dalcour Maclaren continued evolution!

– James Neil

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