Dalcour Maclaren has been providing Land & Planning support to Severn Trent for an important project in Gloucestershire, which affected an SSSI and Registered Common which is home to a variety of rare plant and bird species.

In recognition of the innovative and sensitive approach taken to construction and conservation, it has recently been nominated for a prestigious ICE (Institute of Civil Engineers) award and the People’s Choice award, which runs alongside this.  

The project involved the replacement of twin 900mm water mains across the Severn Ham and Meadow in Tewkesbury. The driver behind the scheme was the deteriorating condition of the existing pipes, which caused a high chance of failure and consequently risked thousands of people being left without water should an issue arise. Due to the Severn Ham being an SSSI and floodplain, emergency repair works for bursts were difficult to undertake and negatively impacted the site.

Dalcour Maclaren has advised and supported the delivery of a range of measures designed to protect and enhance the site, and worked closely with local stakeholders to minimise the impact on biodiversity and public enjoyment of the Ham during the works. This has included the preparation of a detailed reinstatement plan, dissuading rare birds from nesting in the working area without impacting them across the wider site, public consultation across a variety of platforms, including social media and working alongside local farmers to enable the hay harvest to take place. We also worked to facilitate the spreading of green hay from a local donor site to support the reinstatement of a diverse and rare mix of plants following the completion of the work.  

The end result is a resilient pipeline providing water for generations to come and an improved community space following the removal of existing concrete chambers, with a much-reduced risk of further bursts damaging the sensitive habitat.   

In recognition of the sympathetic approach to the local environment and the significant benefits the scheme has brought, you can vote for the scheme in the ICE awards here (Severn Ham Watermains Replacement). Voting closes on 29th July. 

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Oliver Fielding

Senior Surveyor