Have any of your projects ever been delayed due to ecological constraints?

In our experience, it’s a really heart-sinking moment to hear that ecological constraints have forced project plans to change, particularly as there are often significant delays to project programmes as a result. At Dalcour Maclaren we are on your side, working with you to ensure that ecology does not pose any risks to your project progress.

With Spring around the corner, we are working closely with clients to ensure they are ready to hit the ground running when the main ecology survey windows open.

The majority of ecology surveys need to take place between spring and autumn, and some species have very specific times during this period when they need to be surveyed. Without timely completion of these surveys, your project cannot move forward.

Join us throughout February as we share valuable insights on ecology surveys, the implications of species on projects, and how Dalcour Maclaren can help keep your projects on track.

We are on your side, delivering the future.

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