“There could be archaeological potential” is one of the variable responses you may receive back regarding your development. But what does it mean?

Archaeology, heritage, the historic environment, however you want to phrase it, is one of the main considerations for and a key risk on all projects and  are not just confined to  below-ground remains but can relate to buildings, landscapes and seascapes, but can sometimes be as clear as mud, acronym-heavy and littered with specialist jargon

Dalcour Maclaren have recognised the need for expert advice and have expanded the Environment and Planning expertise by establishing an in-house historic environment service, which over the last 18 months has grown to a team of four consultants.

Our experienced team will work with you, providing pragmatic, proportionate, solution-driven advice through the design and development of your projects from concept to completion. This expertise ensures that historic environment constraints are identified as early as possible in the project lifecycle ensuring delivery of site appraisal, embedded mitigation design, the development of proportionate archaeological responses and quality assurance, to influence cost and time savings, and de-risking projects.

Specific historic environment services provided by Dalcour Maclaren include:

  • Initial planning advice and project risk assessments
  • Input to scheme design
  • Key Stakeholder engagement
  • Archaeological Desk-based Assessments
  • Heritage Statements
  • Historic Building Assessment & Statements of Significance
  • Listed Building and Scheduled Monument advice & consents
  • Archaeological and Heritage Management
  • Topographical and Landscape Surveying
  • Geoarchaeological Assessment
  • Historic Landscape Survey
  • Procurement and management of archaeological fieldwork
  • Post-excavation Assessment, Analysis and Publication
  • Third party review
  • Planning Appeals, written representations and Public Inquiries

Current Covid restrictions are placing a greater emphasis on accurate, early advice to ensure delays aren’t encountered once working conditions are back to normal.  Ensure that your project stays on track and avoids costly constraints by contacting us to see how we can assist.

To find out what we can do for you, contact [email protected] or visit our expertise page

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