The value of having early ecological advice and input into design. 

Dalcour Maclaren was delighted to advise a client on biodiversity net gain (BNG) requirements and options, to support the successful delivery of their development.

DM’s ecologist carries out the following activities:

  • Collation of baseline data, including habitat types, condition and strategic significance
  • Consideration of protected species surveys, including seasonal restrictions
  • Advised on parameters of the BNG Metric, highlighting that river, hedgerow and area habitats are considered independently and are not interchangeable; you cannot address a loss of one type by providing another.
  • Advised on habitat enhancement vs creation
  • Outlined that mandatory BNG must be secured, managed and maintained for at least 30 years and must achieve the distinctiveness and condition as intended
  • Highlighted the importance of early ecological input into design to consider BNG
  • Consideration of other Nature Based Solutions

Lessons Learnt From the Project Include:

  • The value of having early ecological advice and input into design
  • The necessity to undertake an LPA planning policy review and undertake early LPA engagement
  • The need to consider protected species and potential separate mitigation requirements
  • Factoring in existing site maintenance and management regimes into plans
  • Ensuring the costs and implications of long-term maintenance and management for at least 30 years are considered

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