At Dalcour Maclaren, we pride ourselves in embracing innovation and technology to bring added value to our clients.

CONNECT, our bespoke project management system is designed in line with our internal methodologies to facilitate the progress of all schemes from helpdesk calls to Nationally Significant Infrastructure Projects.

CONNECT’s spatial database enables the visual presentation and analysis of land parcels and interested parties via easy-to-use online maps and dashboards and integrates with our WebGIS. It incorporates an industry-leading land referencing capability ensuring data stems from a single source of truth.

CONNECT is now integral to all our projects and access is readily available to clients on a value-added basis.

Summary of Services

  • Transparent and collaborative working within DM, with clients and across wider project teams
  • Effective project management through tasks, risks and actions 
  • Documents, emails, notes and all project information stored in a central, secure and accessible cloud location 
  • Document management and version control in a multi-user environment 
  • Linking documents, emails and notes to land parcels and interests to provide a complete, searchable and traceable ‘project file’ to meet our legal due diligence requirements
  • Statistical reporting through dashboards of RAG (Red Amber Green) status of parties, parcels, titles and groups 
  • Geographical reporting by location, by landowner, by administrative boundary, by project areas
  • Secure data sharing in a GDPR compliant manner

We would be pleased to provide a CONNECT demonstration to you which can be arranged by contacting Tim Donoyou.


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