“If you wait for perfect conditions, you will never get anything done.” 

2020 has certainly been testing, but the challenging conditions have brought out the best in our Dalcour Maclaren people.

Our teams are fully focused on the job in hand, delivering valued solutions to leading utility and infrastructure clients. Frequently working to tight programmes, we are delivering land rights and consents under challenging circumstances, now with the additional pressure of restrictions imposed by Covid-19. Yet we remain both positive and busy. Whatever the pressures, we continue to deliver solutions and valued advice in line with our clients’ goals and key drivers.

And why is that?

Our people. Our values. Our essence. Our vision.

We recruit the very best people and only those who align with our values. Whether they are experienced qualified experts, or newly graduated professionals, we look for those with a passion for what they do, who are eager to learn and advance their career and ultimately those who are driven to perform and deliver the advice and solutions that our clients need. Our values are not mere words, they are a reflection of who we are and, in our One Team environment, it’s easy to be reminded of why we are successful.

Innovation is in our blood. We are not bound by tradition and we lead from the front. We embrace opportunities to push boundaries. Our level of investment in innovative solutions, whether it’s new technology or process enhancements, demonstrates our drive for continual improvement.

Our clients refer to us as ambitious, collaborative, fun, innovative and effective problem solvers. We are progressive and we promote a culture of excellence, trust and pride in our work. It is these proven traits and values which set us apart from our competitors. We have built strong relationships with our clients and earned an enviable reputation within the industry for getting the job done to a high standard.

And since our inception in 2003, we have grown to be a market leader, advising the biggest utility and infrastructure companies in the UK; working on nationally significant projects which contribute substantially to the UK economy, and in so doing improving the quality of UK living standards.

We are playing our part: delivering a raft of projects; taking on new graduates and developing their skills and careers; creating opportunities, whilst at the same time retaining that reputation for getting the job done using evolving and innovative solutions.

As the UK finds itself with a steep economic hill to climb, we are positive about the future, positive about the contributions we can make and positive that we can deliver on the opportunities which will no doubt arise. Ultimately we are committed to the work that will benefit of our people, our clients and the UK generally.

Dalcour Maclaren: The Future: Delivered.