Our Geomatics Team is at the core of our business supporting the geographical data required for each instruction.

Geomatics comprises 4 sub-teams;

  • CAD Services
  • GIS Services
  • GPS and Topographical Surveys
  • Land Referencing & Data Management

Our Geomatics Team harnesses the latest software and hardware with our specialist knowledge to provide a whole range of geographical services to our clients.

We believe in efficiencies, but also precision and so we have developed robust systems and procedures to ensure we deliver highly accurate data on every occasion.

We pride ourselves on being innovative and our investment in systems, software and hardware is part of the quality service we offer.

Summary of Services
  • Data sourcing and acquisition
  • Data capture and digitising
  • Ordnance Survey data provision and licencing
  • Systems design and architecture advice
  • Spatial databases
  • GIS standards and protocols
  • HMLR compliant plan production
  • Mapthat WebGIS for online interactive mapping
  • Desk based site assessment and interrogation
  • Spatial Analysis
  • 3D Modelling
  • Large scale map plotting and publishing
  • Topographical Surveys
  • GPS Surveys to locate features and constraints
  • Site walkovers and proposed asset alignment marking
  • Underground utility surveys and depth of cover assessments

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